7 Life Elixirs

“I want to help you to realize your true potential”

Erik-Jan de Rooij

7 Life Elixirs

“I want to help you to realize your true potential”

Erik-Jan de Rooij

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7 Life Elixirs

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My name is Erik-Jan de Rooij

I’m born in The Netherlands and living in the world. I'm also a transformation guide, entrepreneur, partner, friend, adventurer, golfer, yogi and writer. People know me as a man with special qualities, interests, insights and skills. I like to be true in the dark and humble in the spotlight. These brought me to many special places from a young age. With even more special experiences as a result. I partly grew-up on a farm, but also along our coastal dunes and the city of Amsterdam. Family life was good, though emotionally very challenging. Secondary education took me a long time, I repeated a few classes. Still young I joined the army learning serious structure, while being an officer. Subsequently I got my bachelors degree in Economics and my Masters in Anthropology. I found the latter really exciting. During these studies I played semi-professional field-hockey as a goal keeper, .. winning European gold and silver at the World Cup.

Meanwhile Backpack and Expedition Travel became my healthy addiction and resulted in countless new stories and insights. Like spending months in the heart of the Amazon jungle with one of the world's last truly primitive tribes, the Yanomami.

Are you also curious and adventurous? Join me on a personal journey beyond fear and stress. Beyond limitations. Into greater happiness and health. Into a fuller life.

Your life!  

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“I love the wonderful life-lessons I’ve learnt. They have contributed to a more conscious and joyful way of looking at life.”



“What I really appreciate is being able to apply these learnings to so many different aspects of my life. It's been a huge help”



“I definitely gained a better understanding of my life purpose.”


"There’s no better investment than to invest in yourself"


Connect with your inner personal beliefs

This new and unique online course enables you to connect with your inner personal beliefs, dreams, strengths and values anytime and anywhere. You will learn to live a full, happy and purposeful life: your way to Universal Living. You will open yourself up to a higher consciousness and a universe full of possibilities. With the help of the 7 Life Elixirs, you will look deeper into your own self than ever before. See and experience who you are and who you can be. Join me in this amazing journey. Life becomes better when you have the right people on your side.

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