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Privacy statement

Data for transformation…

At Ejai, we support people during their transformation process. We do this so they can become:

  • More conscious
  • More meaningful
  • More powerful

Everybody is invited.

We accelerate transformation by making people aware of who they really are, what makes them truly happy and what their purpose is in life. To support the transformation process, we use the 7Life Elixirs online learning course.

In this document you can read how we gather, use and keep your data safely. So, grab a cuppa and read on…

Gathering and using your data

When you purchase the 7 Life Elixirs online course, you will be asked to create a username and a password for registering yourself on our platform. We will have access to this initial password provided, but you have the option to change your password to something unique right after you have registered. This will be known only to you. So, store it safely.

Client data:

First and last name: We want to be able to address you personally
Email address: So we can send you an email to ask a question or inform you about the 7 Life Elixirs online course.

Storing, viewing and deleting your data

From the moment of the registration process, we keep your data in the online course database

The login data is kept in a securely hosted application and is only accessible to selective Ejai employees.

If you want to view, amend or delete any data we currently have about you, you can login your account and adjust or delete it yourself.

If you don’t like what we do with your data or have a complaint, let us know by sending an e-mail to [email protected].