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Hi, I'm Erik-Jan de Rooij. As you climb the hills, each turn lets you see the scenery from a higher vantage point. It inspires me to view life from above. I’m a soul who wanted to take this journey on planet Earth and I manifested myself through my parents into a human being. I believe the soul has a spirit full of energy and movement. With focus and direction, I developed the qualities to help individuals, groups and humanity cross their thresholds towards the experience and joy of boundless diversity for all.

When you combine focus with presence, it is incredibly powerful for peak performance. In my years as a professional hockey goalkeeper, distraction was my enemy. A spilt second of not concentrating could be fatal. My focus also helped me to be consistent in my actions. Always keeping the end goal in mind.

I believe in dreams, desires, places unknown and accomplishing everything we set out to do. I dream of a world full of respect and creative expression for all. Where inspiration and guidance are available, accessible and affordable for anyone, anywhere.

But living our dreams and achieving our goals is not only about the need to use our imagination and creativity. I also believe in down-to-earth methods and  methodologies, like simply taking action. You will also experience this course’s hands-on approach.

During the first ten hectic years of my life as an entrepreneur, I got many groups of people on the move through meticulously planned journeys. Every moment of each journey was scripted within a timeframe of five minutes. I started out with 20 participants on my first journey, and later on I organised a journey for 20,000 participants, who were all travelling at the same time in 1200 different locations. And everything went exactly as it was supposed to. That doesn’t just happen – it takes serious and meticulous planning, which also happens to be a key to success.

The process of making choices and embracing these choices is important for successful living.
I want to help people to discover, enlighten and live their true intentions and desires. And help them find and enter the experience and joy of boundless diversity in life.

I also want to conserve nature’s diversity and harmonise the evolution of nature and technology on our planet earth. To move millions of people to a better life experience for themselves and their environment.

Therefore, I create products and services that are beneficial for everyone and everything.
I want to guide people in experiencing their humanity and unboundedness. To become conscious of themselves and their amazing abilities. And that’s what my 7 Life Elixirs are all about. These valuable lessons and practices are based on my life experience and what this has brought me. I’ve been lucky enough to find myself in some incredible situations over the years, and I really feel compelled to share what I learned during my transformational moments.

Over the years I developed the 7 Life Elixirs, and they will help you to become more concious of yourself and your amazing abilities. In their own accessible way, without any of the airy-fairy and woo-woo. Created for modern human beings. We are capable of much more than we think we are. Every single one of us.

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